Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Early Edit Agony of Manuscript #3

Goodness, March whizzed right on by, leaving me still in the early edits of Manuscript #3. I’m a little conflicted with this one as it’s exactly the type of book I’d like to read, but as a “techno-thriller,” it may be a little too slow in the beginning. This is the way it flowed, though, and I think it’s important to have a bit more backstory before the real action begins.

Labeling it “techno-lite,” it’s a story about (something) that will save the world, of course. I love the characters in it, all except for one. That’s the same fix I was in with Island Run. In the beginning edits, I realized the heroine was someone I didn’t really care for. She needed re-building, which wasn’t a difficult task, just an interesting one.

That’s where I am with the next book. All of a sudden, one of my male characters is just too bland. He’s a Texan, but not in a bigger-than-everywhere-else-is-Texas sort of way. There are some really bad people in here, a gruesome murder or two, and a race to save the day.

Back to my biggest worry, and that’s the perception of a slow start. For me, it offers a fascinating history of the company I’m writing about (which in itself is one of the “main characters”), along with the men and women involved. Their background is important (to me) and I’m going to leave everything intact for now. We’ll see what kind of responses that gets!