Friday, November 4, 2011

Literary Gems for the Week

First up is a great headline:

Police Shoot Man with Knife at N.Y. Newspaper Office

(Wonder how many bullets that knife holds?)

Next, as seen around the Freelance Writing World:

"...have a bonus system to encourage our writers for their good work, but in order to maintain a good writing quality we have a fines system as well..."

(That's my bolding between the quotes. Yeah, a great environment, there. How bad would a writer have to be and, the next question, if you're bad enough to get fined, how did you get hired in the first place?)

Last, a new term from a more local source:

New word alert from a Century 21 Real Estate ad:

porta’ cache

Fortunately, a photograph accompanied this description. Go ahead, think about it, first, though. Ready?


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