Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Reading Zone

With the advent of on-line books, the freebies are pretty tempting, too. While some certainly fall into the substandard category, there are many gems to be had. Some come from the Big 6 publishers, while others are from independents. Sometimes, it's a popular tactic as an enticement for readers to purchase other books by the same author. It seems to be an effective tool for many.

The nicest thing about freebies is it allows readers to step outside their comfort genre zone. It's easy to grab something that sounds interesting, but may not be in a category that would interest you at a higher price (and especially at the price of a hardback).

My favorite change to date is Mozart's Blood by Louise Marley. My first vampire novel, which also doubled up on the fun with a werewolf, too. With an opera theme that crossed the stage of centuries, it also appealed to me as a unique historical. I found it fascinating and well-written; loved the characters and it was a book I could barely put down. While I would be tempted to read other books by this author, it's doubtful I'll be a latecomer to the whole vamp group.

New adventures are always fun.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Literary Gems for the Week

First up is a great headline:

Police Shoot Man with Knife at N.Y. Newspaper Office

(Wonder how many bullets that knife holds?)

Next, as seen around the Freelance Writing World:

"...have a bonus system to encourage our writers for their good work, but in order to maintain a good writing quality we have a fines system as well..."

(That's my bolding between the quotes. Yeah, a great environment, there. How bad would a writer have to be and, the next question, if you're bad enough to get fined, how did you get hired in the first place?)

Last, a new term from a more local source:

New word alert from a Century 21 Real Estate ad:

porta’ cache

Fortunately, a photograph accompanied this description. Go ahead, think about it, first, though. Ready?


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Variety is the Spice of Reading

Do you stick to one genre or do you, as a reader or writer, branch out? Do you go through phases or simply grab the next book that looks like it will be a good read, regardless of topic?

Some experts state that's bad, from a marketing perspective, to write across different genres. But, as a writer who does, I find it worth taking the chance. With so many full-length stories ahead of me, it's difficult to limit myself to just those in a particular category.

Next, I'll be focusing on action/adventure/thrillers. They've been a lot of fun to write and I absolutely love the characters in each one. In fact, I have their lives plotted out for sequels already.

I'll be posting a blurb and "test" jacket cover for the next one in a few days and then it will go up as a pre-holiday offering (I hope) back at the Sintra Publishing site.

P.S. As a reader, I've gone through hard-core techno, biographies, romances, family sagas, thrillers of all types, the classics, humorous fiction, and tons more. Our shelves are filled with such a variety - and so is my Kindle!