Thursday, October 20, 2011

Page Count v. E-Reader Tick Marks - How Big is that Book?

Readers are often confused in determining the length of an e-book. I know I have been. While authors may have a grasp of "word count," it means nothing to others. You can't count on the size of a download, either, as you don't know if a cover is included and graphics may vary in actual file size.

For those who want to make a comparison, the general rule of thumb is a printed page equals about 250 words. Just divide and you'll have an approximation of size.

In addition, while printed books tend to have a higher word count, the trend with e-books is often shorter. A book that's 50,000 words and higher is now generally within the classification of a "novel" (although some will argue this could technically be a "novella"). There are also novelettes (about 10,000-49,000 words) before you reach short story lengths.

Authors should include the page count in their product blurbs to avoid confusion.

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